BT Collections export validator

This site explains how to validate your BT Collections export. It offers you different ways to easily do validation, but they are all based on the same xml-schema. You can download the schema and an example export as reference. You should have already received a personalized description of the required structure of the export. We do have a detailed reference of the complete export structure but, be aware, because not all fields are required to be exported for your BT Collections, you should primarily rely on your personalized documentation.

Validation option 1: Offline validation using xmllint

This way of validation lets you do everything offline and is recommended for large exports because the online validation has upload limitations and can be slow for large files.

  1. Download the BT Collections-xmllint package that contains xmllint, the xml-schema and an example file
  2. Unzip the downloaded file
  3. Copy your export file to the same folder (an example export is already present)
  4. Now run validate.bat to validate all xml files in de same folder

Validation option 2: Online validation

Online validation is the easiest option but it can become tedious because always uploading the file can be slow. This is why option 1 is the preferred method.

If the export file is too large to upload, you can always upload a zip archive (.zip or .gz, no .rar allowed) containing the export file. All xml files contained in the archive will be automatically validated.